ZAGBA youth attending the 7th World Zoroastrian Youth Congress

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Meet our ZAGBA youth headed to California to attend the 7th WZYC from July 1 – 6 2019

Nasreen Bhumgara is going to be a Pre-Med student at the University of Maryland

Cherag Kapadia works at Raytheon Inc. and is looking forward to learning more about our culture and religion while meeting fellow Zoroastrians at the Congress

Ariana Bakhtyari is going to be Sophomore at Queen’s University in Kingston, ON, Canada.

The day is finally here and the 7th World Zoroastrian Youth Congress is on it’s way.

We will be live streaming the Congress to the best of our abilities.

You can follow the Congress live stream on the FEZANA Facebook page at

FEZANA Live Stream

Please log in and follow along. Share the link with friends and family.

An update schedule of daily events is on the

Congress Website

We are grateful to all our registrants who have flown in from all over the world. Without them there would be no Congress. We are also grateful to our amazing unbelievable volunteer crew. And thankful to our donors and sponsors who trusted and believed in us.

We are looking forward to making this the best Congress ever.

Follow us live from all over the world !