Upcoming Volunteering Events – Please note the Dates

Dear ZAGBA Community,

Please note the upcoming Volunteering opportunities.  Individual emails will follow eventually, for each event noted below with full details.
Event 1: Pine Street Inn, Boston, MA –  Sunday, October 28th, 2018: .  4:00 pm till 6:30 pm.  
ZAGBA will be sponsoring a Volunteering event on Sunday, October 28th at the Pine Street Inn (Homeless Shelter), located in Boston.  In this event, we will be serving a warm and healthy dinner at the Pine Street Inn to approx. 300-350 people.  Limited numbers of volunteers can be accommodated there due to space restriction, and is for ages 14 and above only.  An email will follow  soon,  with more details on how to donate and sign up.

Event 2: Harvard Thanksgiving Meal Packing Event, Cambridge, MA – Sunday, November 11th.  Approx. Noon till 5:00 pm.  

Several Shifts will be allocated, so plenty of opportunity to volunteer.  A kid friendly event, so this is a great opportunity for the entire family to participate and volunteer.  An email will follow, which will have a Google link for people to donate and sign up.

Event 3: Meal Packing for Hurricane Florence; Date-TBD (Nov/Early Dec):  Date is not fixed yet as we are still looking for a venue.  For those who are familiar with last year’s Puerto Rico Event, this will be similar.  The PR meal packing event was a super success where we packed 10,000 meals and many of us felt the need to do this more often or at least make it an annual event.  Hence attempting to do it again this year for the Carolina victims as an outcome of Hurricane Florence.  Donations are really needed for this event (any amount will go a long way), easy to give at the Gahambar, if attending.  Your generosity will be very much appreciated.  More details on where/when/how to follow by way of email.

Please look out for different emails on each subject matter noted above.

Many thanks.