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Lorna Batliwala Obituary – Sudbury, MA
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ZAGBA Announcement: Lorna Passing.

Dear ZAGBA Members, 

Sad to announce that Lorna Batliwala, wife of Edul Batliwala, passed away on Saturday January 7 at home in Marlborough MA. Lorna was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka, and was a registered nurse. She did her nursing training in Sri-Lanka and worked in the hospitals there as a nurse and mid-wife. She moved to London in 1970, and trained in operating theater nursing at Hammersmith Hospital Nursing School, and specialized in assisting in heart and orthopedic surgery.

She married Edul in London and followed him to the US in1990. Lorna loved children and started doing childcare, working fulltime to help rear an individual child of close friends.
Over the years she was mother to several children from a few months to kindergarten. The children are now adults with careers in medicine and arts.
After childcare Lorna switched to a career in fashion clothing retail, working with clients on social and work dressing. Lorna returned to her nursing roots, providing to the needs of elder homecare and rehabilitation, as she visited and provided care in their homes.

After a fruitful and rewarding career, Lorna retired to pursue her passion for gardening and cooking. She would spend hours in the hot summer sun tending her flower and vegetable plots.  Roses were a favorite, but getting them to thrive in the harsh winter weather was always a challenge she took up. Cooking was another passion. She was open to trying varied cuisine styles and recipes and then modifying them to her liking. She took particular pride in preparing a full menu of homely and exotic dishes, served and enjoyed at home parties she loved to host withall formal dining etiquette, roots of her time in England.

In recent years Lorna suffered from health issues that took a physical and mental toll on her, restricting her activity, but would rarely complain. Even as her verbal communication declined, Lorna maintained a fierce determination of Will and Can-Do attitude. Undertaking a five week vacation, she travelled to visit family and friends in Sri Lanka and India she had not been able to visit, with the 14-16 hours flights and airport changes, all being wheelchair bound, this last December was a memorable and fulfilling event for her.

Lorna followed the Christian faith of her birth and was a regular church goer, but was also interested and participated in Zoroastrian events at ZAGBA functions and Jashans.
Lorna was 83 year old, and is survived by her husband Edul, and sisters in Sri-Lanka and New York and several nieces and nephews that she raised and was a mother to them.
Lorna was always very personable. Her kind and gentle nature, with concern for, will be missed by all who came to know her over the years.

Cremation Service for Lorna is on Friday 13 January at 10.00 AM at St Michael Crematorium, 500 Canterbury Street, Roslindale. MA. Service is open to all followed by the cremation for close family. Location has parking. Family requests that no flowers be sent, but instead a donation to a charity specializing in overseas (Sri-Lanka) children, (Save The Children, UNICEF), would be appreciated.

Sent on behalf of Edul Batliwala from ZAGBA board.