Sad News Kavas Mody

Mehernosh Mody has kindly provided the following information regarding Kawas Mody’s memorial service on Saturday March 4 at 1:00pm EST for those that wish to attend and stream live via internet.

Kawas Mody’s memorial service on Saturday March 4 at 1:00pm EST

Dear Friends, 

It is with the greatest of grief and sorrow that we regret to inform you of the sudden passing of our beloved husband, father, father-in-law, and grandfather Kavas Mody on February 26th surrounded by his loved ones.

Kavas along with his wife Beroz and son Mehernosh were one of the earliest initial members of ZAGBA when our local community numbered only in the handful. A stalwart and ever familiar presence at functions over the years, he believed strongly in supporting and maintaining our culture and special community if for nothing else so that his son may have a sense of our religion, ways, and peoples.

Kavas was born on February 18th 1939, in Pune Gujarat. He was born premature and feeble, he was not expected to survive. His early years were difficult and marred by his physical challenges. But as with so many obstacles that he would face in life, his strident desire to succeed and shear force of will found the means to overcome this handicap and he hit his stride in the game of soccer in his early teen years as he would go on to also coach his college soccer team as well as earn a Masters in Pharmacy.  

Successfully completing a WHO fellowship in England, he became disillusioned with life in India and set out in 1975 to seek opportunity in the US. Even with a Masters and an accomplished resume, Kavas, found it hard to be professionally employed in the US. He took any job available to him from walking miles a day going door to door selling fire alarms or screwing in toilettes into motorhomes. He often exceeded his quotas and approached each opportunity with a ferocious desire to be the best. 

He finally got a job at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston befitting his education and called his wife and son over in 1976 to settle down in the Boston area. He would go onto to get a weekend job at Mass General to make sure his family would have all of the things they needed. Eventually he would start his own business and go onto to work long hours 7 days a week with his wife Beroz to keep a roof over his family’s head and the business afloat in the early days. 

In his final years, his dedication and devotion to his family were his driving forces. The focus of his love and thoughts fell to his only grandchild, Natalie, for whom there was no equal in his mind!

Of all the things he would be proud of over the years, he would probably say that it was the fact that nearly all members of our community have eaten at his table or shook his hand. His integrity, love, and wry sense of humor will be missed the most. 

To honor his life and give his friends a chance to say goodbye, his family will hold a memorial service at:

Newton Cemetery 

791 Walnut Street 

Newton Center, MA  

On Saturday, Mar. 4th @1PM EST

(We request that you please wear a mask to the event due to expected number of attendees, seating arrangements, and current CoVid levels)