UPDATE: July 9,2022

Dear ZAGBA Members,

We wanted to let the community know that the ZYAB youth who were scheduled to visit Boston July 13-16th, will no longer be coming to Boston. Due to a high number of youth who have tested positive for COVID, the ZYAB organizing committee has made the decision to cancel their tour.

While the ZAGBA Planning Committee had made all the arrangements to really showcase Boston and make sure the youth had a memorable visit, we are disappointed that we will not be able to host the youth, but at the same time, it is the right decision to ensure we adhere to CDC guidelines and remain safe.

The ZAGBA board would like to take this opportunity to thank the ZAGBA Planning Committee who have worked tirelessly to organize a fun and interesting itinerary for the youth. Many late-night calls were held to ensure we had thought about all the details. We will be working to ensure all reservations are cancelled, including our picnic, and will contact each of our Donors individually.  The support we have received from the community both financially as well as volunteering their time as a chaperone or to host the youth at their homes has been incredible. We could not have been able to plan and organize this event without the support of the community and our ZAGBA community really stepped up to it. We are disappointed that we could not see this through, but we are all living in strange and unpredictable times!

We thank the community again for their support

Planning Committee: Bina Patel, Daryush Mehta, Hufrish Sirohi, Jamshed Dubash, Jehan Antia, Nazneen Vimadalal and Zubin Bomanshaw

Volunteers & Host Families: Anahita Dastur,  Bina Patel, Daryush Mehta, Firoza Panthakhi,, Hufrish Sirohi, Jamshed Dubash, Khushnam Nariellwalla, Myra Bhathena, Nauzar Vimadalal, Nazneen Vimadalal, Rayo Bhumgara, Yasmin Bhumgara and Zubin Bomanshaw

Best wishes,


Zubin Talavia, Nazneen Vimadalal, Bina Patel, Nauzar Vimadalal & Tanaz Yadav

Dear ZAGBA Community,

As we mentioned to you at our Navroze function, as part of the 12th World Zoroastrian Congress, the Zoroastrian Youth Across Borders (ZYAB), is sponsoring about 26 youth from across the world between the ages of 18-28 years to come and attend the conference and give them the opportunity to visit some of the big cities on the east coast where we have our Zoroastrian Associations. The plan is that after the conference, the youth will travel to Washington, DC, and Philadelphia and then arrive in Boston. The local Zoroastrian associations are going to be hosting the youth, and ZAGBA will also be doing the same.

A committee has been formed to work on accommodations, transportation, food and planning for how to organize this.

How You Can Help

Please open the following link to indicate your interest in volunteering and/or providing financial support: https://tinyurl.com/zyab2022. We request your response by Friday, May 27, for planning purposes.

VolunteersWe need our community to volunteer to accompany the youth as they tour the Boston/Cambridge area. The youth will be arriving in Boston on Wednesday, July 13th later evening and will depart on Saturday, July 16th in the morning.

Financial HelpWe estimate the cost of hosting this large group is around $7,000. The ZAGBA Board has agreed to fund half the expenses and the balance we hope to get from our community.

We are very excited to make this a success and thank our community for your continued support.

ZAGBA sub-committee Planning Committee for ZYAB.

Nazneen Vimadalal, Bina Patel, Daryush Mehta, Hufrish Sirohi, Zubin Bomanshaw, Jehan Antia, Jamshed Dubash, Myra Bhathena, and Rajiv Yadav.

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