ZAGBA’s Trip to the Dar-e-Mehr, Suffern, NY

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Dear Friends

We have organized a community day trip to the ZAGNY Dar-e-Mehr in Suffern, NY. Besides ZAGNY and ZAPANJ, this year the ZAMWI community will also be joining us. We recommend that the ZAGBA Religion class families consider coming, as we will be holding a joint children’s class.

ZAGBA has chartered a bus to go to the Dar-e- Mehr. Bus service is based on first come first served RSVPs. First 48people in total count whose names are registered for “Coming by Bus” will be counted (Please mention: “Coming by Bus“). NOTE:  We can only accommodate48 people on the bus. The rest are welcome to travel by car and meet us there. 

IMPORTANT: Even if you are coming by car, you must RSVP for total number of Adults & Kids and must  state that you are “Coming by Car”.

Date and Time: Saturday, September 14, 2019, 7.30 am to 9.00pm

Departure:  Bus will leave at 8am sharp from Riverside Station, Newton, MA.  It will not make any stops. Please plan to arrive latest by 7:30 am at the venue to have enough time to park ($6/day-approx.). Timing will be strictly enforced.

Arrival: We will return to the Riverside Station approx. by 9:00-9:30pm.

Activities: Prayer with mobeds & combined children’s religious class.

Items to bring and food: ZAGNY to serve snacks and a late lunch.

For the bus, please bring breakfast items/snacks to share.  ZAGBA will provide water and chips.

Please make sure you have caps/scarves.

Costs$35 per person (applies to all ages 4 and above) only if coming by bus

$10 per persons (applies to all ages 4 and above) only if coming by car

Deadline Please RSVP by Saturday, August 31, 2019.  Checks/paypal payment must also be received no later than August 31st.   Space on the bus is limited and will be contingent on first come first basis including RSVP and payment received. If not, the next person will be allotted the seat on the waiting list.

Please pay by check or paypal. Checks need to be payable to ZAGBA and mailed to:

Option 1: Paypal

Go to and login with your paypal account. 

Choose Send or Request Money and then Send Money

In the text box enter

Enter the amount and then Sending to a friend option.

Add a note explaining # of people, kids ages etc.  if necessary

Click Continue and choose How you want to pay. You may use a Credit card, Paypal balance or Bank debit.  is better for you as you are not charged any fee in that case.

Click next and then send payment now. 

Option 2: Check

They should be mailed to the address below:

Please make checks payable to “ZAGBA” and mail them to:

Pria Sarma, Treasurer,
103 Randlett Park,
West Newton, MA 02465.

Thank you.



Hello everyone! 

Very excited that our annual trip to ZAGNY is this coming weekend. Here are some final details. 

Date: Saturday, September 14, 2019

Bus Departure Time: 7:30 am to 9 pm

Bus Departure Place: Riverside Station, Newton MA

Couple Reminders:

§  Allow time to park at Riverside Station, Newton, MA

§  Timing will be strictly enforced. Please be there on time

§  Feel free to bring food/drinks to share on the bus

§  ZAGBA will bring water and chips

§  ZAGNY will provide snacks on arrival and lunch/early dinner

Below is the agenda:

11- 12 Noon:         Arrivals

12 – 1:00 pm:        Meet and greet. Tour building. Snacks

1:00 – 1:15 pm:     Prayer circle time

1:15 – 1:30pm:      Aatash Nyaesh for kids

1:30 – 3:00 pm:     Combined religious class

1:30 – 3:00 pm:     Adult Talk/discussion

3:00 – 4:00 pm:     Lunch/early dinner

4:00:                     Bus leaves for Boston

If your payment is pending, please bring a check on Saturday and give to Pria or Nazneen.