Daryush Mehta at the WZCC AGM & Global Meet

Our own ZAGBA Daryush Mehta attended the WZCC AGM in Florida and was an invited guest.

16th May, 2019

The concept of hosting a joint WZCC & FEZANA AGM came up in 2017. It was discussed with the Central Florida WZCC Chapter and FEZANA Small group and formally proposed at the FEZANA 2018 AGM in Los Angeles. It was a novel idea which would bring business people around the globe together with FEZANA the governing body for the 26 North American Zoroastrian Associations.Central Florida got the nod and we were off to the races along with 25 + volunteers whose commitment, energy, enthusiasm showed throughout the AGM.Without second thought we selected Dinyar Mehta’s Wingate by Wyndham hotel which he made available at a steep discount and the Wingate became a second home to the delegates. Afsaan Kermani the local Chapter Chair and the just elected Global Director designed the on-line registration & payment system, collected the information for the Registrant Directory and helped with the A/V needs. Twins Armaan and Zamaan Shaikh were young “ Boy Friday ” with a smile. The Food Team with 20 volunteers prepared mouth watering 5 lunches, 4 dinners, 10 breaks and they served it with tender loving care. The transportation team added a special touch by receiving the delegates at the airport, making sure the first impression was the best and would last the longest. There many other volunteers taking care of the registration desk, decorations, photography, optional outings including the 26 Bawas & Bawis Cruise.To sum it up, “WE TOOK THE BEST OF EACH OF US TO MAKE THE BEST AGM FOR ALL OF US”.

Here are some quotes from people who attended the historic joint WZCC & FEZANA AGM’s:
“Farida and I wish to extend our warm and sincere CONGRATULATIONS and a big thank you, to you and the Organizing Team on putting together such a productive event. This event was an excellent forum for delegates globally to share their innovative ideas,entrepreneurship knowledge and professional business experiences; to mentor our young youth and source ways to fund and encourage them to venture out of their comfort zone in a positive manner with integrity. The speakers were of high caliber and informative. It was a rewarding success for the Florida Chapter and we appreciate all the time and effort gone into organizing the event culminating in a lavish Gala Dinner”

Neville Shroff. 
“Many thanks for the opportunity! It was my pleasure to participate and to meet and learn from the wonderful panel members and moderator. The entire WZCC AGM was insightful and engaging with many takeaways for a deeper understanding of entrepreneurship” ….

Anne Khademian.
“ I am so grateful for the opportunity to be in the presence of such accomplished and supportive people. And I really enjoyed being a part of the panel more than I had imagined! Yes, it is evident that you have all done so much for all of us and we will be sure to continue your work and efforts! I will indeed join WZCC and look forward to future participation.”

Jeannie Kenkare
“ We must congratulate you and your team for a very successful WZCC Global AGM at Orlando. Lot of effort and planning was evident. All the speakers were well chosen and topics very appropriate. The Awards night was well attended and again the fire side chat was super.” …..

Arin n Percy Master. 
“ Bravo on an engaging WZCC conference! It was a pleasure participating with you all.” ….
Daryush Mehta.

“ Thank you, for a very memorable and productive WZCC-FEZANA-GWG conclave in Florida this past week. The hospitality was outstanding and service came from the heart. Thanks from us to the entire team of volunteers for a job well done and for contributing to our Zarathushti world without borders.” …..
Behram Pastakia

Dinyar Mehta’s very accomplished son, Prof. Daryush Mehta, is a concert clarinet player and it just so happened that he played his clarinet at the Conference on Thursday night. It was a wonderful presentation by him.

Click here for the Report on the WZCC AGM and Global Meet by Afreed Mistry

Here are the two YouTube videos for our presentation on Aa Airyemaa Ishyo and Ode To Joy:

Playing and Singing of Aa Airyemaa Ishyo in the tune of Ode to Joy:

Our Prophet Zarathushtra composed his Gathas in Poetic format so that in absence of any written language, they can be easily remembered by learning by heart. And through countless ages, our Mobeds have kept them in tact by learning from father to son by heart, I am being one of them.

Only God knows how much I have tried unsuccessfully to sing some verses of Gathas and our prayers using some famous melodies, until I saw the connection between Aa Airyemaa Ishyo and Ode To Joy and said: “Why not?!” Entrepreneurial!

And so, here is our very feeble attempt to sing it using its melody!

Daryush was so kind to agree to play and so during the benediction on Friday morning of the first day of FEZANA AGM, Daryush and Soli Dastur got together for the playing and singing.

After a few slides of introduction, Daryush played the tune of Ode To Joy and then Soli Dastur sang Aa Airyemaa Ishyo Prayer in its tune. Our unbelievable helper Zamaan Shaikh recorded this in two segments of videos on his cell and I uploaded them in YouTube and here are the two YouTube segments of this historic Benediction with playing on clarinet Ode To Joy tune and singing of Aa Airyemaa Ishyo in the same tune:

Note: Message of Zarathushtra in Aa Airyemaa Ishyo of Brotherhood of Mankind is repeated almost 3000+ years later by a German poet and made world famous by Beethoven in his Ode To Joy!