What’s New? FEZANA Spring Issue 2018

Book review :  by Jamshed Kapadia

In Hot Blood—The Nanavati Case that shook India

By Bachi Karkaria


“Emerging Leaders”

by Edul Daver & Yasmin Pavri

Leaders provide a Vision : They set a direction to accomplish objectives and then align people & goals by providing
motivation, inspiration and incentives. They look for incremental successes which cumulatively contribute towards the
Vision with a laser focus. Most importantly, Honesty and Credibility are a critical part of their Vision with the end NEVER
justifying the means.

Leaders are Action Oriented : They prefer flat structures and empower employees with minimal second guessing.
They view failures as a learning experience which one corrects towards continuous improvement. They welcome change
and understand the role of risk and are willing to take ‘calculated’ risks. To them speed is money and “just do it’ is a mantra.
In other words they can operate with ambiguity and what some would call ‘organized chaos ’. Last but most importantly
they lead by example.

Leaders are Value Driven :  They are skilled and knowledgeable in their area of expertise Vs macro managers we
see in large corporations. They seek creative and innovative team members, providing major incentives with a stake in the
success of the company or entity. The results could be magical.

Emerging Leader: Cyrus Hirjibehedin

Emerging Leader:  Daryush Mehta

Reference: FEZANA Spring Issue 2018