URGENT: WZO US Region Medical Appeal for India

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Dear Friends,

This is an urgent Appeal for assistance to our fellow Zarathushtis in India  who have been hit with a second brutal assault of Corona virus .  Kindly donate generously and please circulate the attached appeal to your  family,  friends, acquaintances  and members of your local organization.
With kind regards,
Kayomarsh P. Mehta



US Region 

Zarathushtis in India are continuing to suffer severely from the brunt and after effects of the Corona virus. WZO Trust, India has been extremely busy assisting affected individuals. By the end of September, assistance was provided to over two thousand (2,295) recipients. This aid was provided as payments to Hospitals, Purchase of ventilators, aid to individuals in economic distress and in the form of distribution of food grains to the needy. The need to continue these forms of aid is absolutely imperative with the onslaught of the second wave of the Corona virus.

Every day there are requests from individuals and institutions who have been financially impacted due to the Pandemic – either medically, or by way of, loss of income.

We will best be able to extend support for community members affected by the pandemic:                    

a) Providing financial support to full time Mobeds that work at Agiyaries on a daily wages basis and   were unable to carry out duties due to the lockdown and Agiyaries remaining shut.                                    

b) Individuals who have lost their jobs or suffered cuts in salaries.                                                                        

c) Business men and entrepreneurs who have suffered losses.                                                                           

d) Zoroastrian agrarians suffering losses on account of being unable to transport their produce; poor Zoroastrians who have brick kilns, cattle dairy farms, poultry farms and the like.                                                    

e) Distributing foods grains in cities, towns and villages to the needy.                                                                          

f)  Providing Oxygen and equipment to hospitals. A single Ventilator costs USD10,000.

The task is humongous but we are determined to play a very proactive role and do our very best.

The recovery period is still very distant but WZO is committed to continue their mission to provide the needed support to the affected individuals.

They need our help. With your assistance, we can help our fellow community members in their hour of need.  We request your generous Donations to help them during this terrible pandemic situation. 

Please donate generously to WZO US Region to provide the much needed help.  Your donation will enable our fellow Zarathushtis mitigate and survive this disaster. Kindly make your donation checks payable to “WZO” with a reference to “Corona” and mail them to WZO US Region address. Please make sure to provide your mailing address, email and phone number to facilitate receipt for your kind donation.

Thank you very much for your Zoroastrian Spirit.

With kind regards,

Kayomarsh P. Mehta                                                                                  kayomehta@aol.com

President                                                                                                       Res:   630-654-8828

WZO US Region Ltd.                                                                                  Cell:   630-430-5296

6943 Fieldstone Drive, Burr Ridge, IL 60527-5295, USA.

Ushta ahmai yahamai ushta kahmai-chit. 

Happiness to him, who make others Happy.   Ushtavaiti Gatha, Yasna 43.

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