Sad news – Hoshang Palsetia

Dear friends,It is with great sadness that we share the passing of Hoshang Faramroj Palsetia, on September 4, 2023, in Danvers, Massachusetts.  He was surrounded by the people he loved — his family, his friends, and especially his grandkids who meant the world to him.  He was a brave, kind, and gentle soul, who always looked at the best qualities in everyone and believed in the power of hard work and education. 

Hoshang was born in 1937 in a little village in India, called Saronda, as one of five children, to Faramroj and Seherbanu Palsetia. He was the first in his family to go to college and become an engineer. He chose to serve his country by joining the Indian Air Force as a navigator, and rose to the rank of Squadron Leader before he retired from service. He completed his MBA after his Air Force career, and spent his years as a civilian working at the Godrej company in Vikhroli, Mumbai.

The love of his life was his wife Silloo, who he met in his twenties. They shared an amazing marriage of 55 years and raised 3 children — Rashna, Jasmin, and Jamshed (Jimmy). Together they moved to many different places all over India for his Air Force postings. The center of his world has always been his family, and he would drop everything to be with any of his children, and, in later years, with his grandchildren. In good times and in hard times, Pappa was always there for everyone, giving generously of anything he had. He was proud of his children but the the light of his eyes were his seven grandchildren — Tarnonish, Darian, Zenia, Myra, Xerxis, Nasha and Nikita.  He played a big and important part in raising all his grandchildren, helping the family in innumerable ways. He dropped them to school and to their activities, taught them their Zoroastrian prayers, encouraged them to excel and work hard, and was always there to protect them when they did anything wrong.  He was the well recognized grandpa at ballet class and on the soccer fields for all of them.

He adored Farzana (Jimmy’s wife), Steve (Rashna’s husband), and Firdaus (Jasmin’s husband), and was always the first to offer to help with any house work.  Over the last 15 months Pappa surprised his doctors by defying the odds against catastrophic health events. He almost died twice in one day, but came back home and spent an additional 13 months surrounded and cared for by the people he loved. His wife Silloo has been the angel who took care of his every need, without a thought or care for herself.  Every nurse and doctor that met with him called him a gentleman, and he was always joking and smiling even when in pain because he never wanted to be a burden on anyone. He spent the last few days with his family and snuggling with his grandchildren, listening to them even when he could not reply, fully aware of their love and their pain. 

Hoshang’s family would like to thank everyone who visited him and helped us care for him, especially in his final days, and thank the whole community for the love and prayers we have received in this difficult time. We are lucky to have had him in our lives, and he will live on in our hearts forever.

Love to all,

The Palsetia and Bhathena families

The Geh Sarna prayers for Hoshang’s paydast (funeral services) and cremation will be held at 10:30 am on Thursday, September 7, at the location below. The prayers will last approximately one hour after which the family will conduct a private cremation. All are welcome to attend, but no flowers or gifts of any kind please. Please feel free to donate to ZAGBA in his memory instead — our community has been very kind and supportive, and Hoshang and the family would appreciate the gesture. 

Linwood Crematorium

41 John Ward Ave.

Haverhill, MA  01830

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