Hi Everyone:
July 15-ZAGBA Picnic: This is a friendly reminder to please RSVP to the ZAGBA Picnic Evite sent on June 12..  The Picnic is on July 15.  If the response is for less than 40 people in total, we will cancel the picnic.  So please hurry and also remind your Z-friends to RSVP soon.
this is a brief note on upcoming Evites:
August 26-Shehenshahi New Year Celebration: Please look out for the August Function’s Evite that will be sent in the next week or so.
September 16-NY’s Dar-e-Mehr Trip: On popular demand, we are again organizing a trip to NY’s Dar-e-Mehr.  The Evite will be going out in August. We will be taking this trip by bus and for those who want to travel by their car, can meet the ZAGBA group straight at the Dar-e-Mehr. ZAGBA has already booked a bus again for this year and as most of you know from last year’s trip, the seats on the bus are limited to approx. 50-52 seats.  So reservations will be strictly on first come basis (no favors), and hence with respect to your responses, please make sure you RSVP straight on the Evite in a timely manner.  Sending your RSVP to ZAGBA by email or telling a board member will not be counted as an RSVP. It has to be on the Evite. Families with young kids, please note that if coming by bus, this trip is only for kids 4 years and above.
​Only a
 confirmed R​
SVP along with your check mailed by the set deadline to the treasurer, will finalize your place on the bus.
​Please lookout for more details in the Evite, when sent.​

Best wishes,
Dear ZAGBA Community,
Please save this Date: Navroze/Nowruz Celebration on March 25, 2017(Evite to follow soon)
T​he rest of the 2017-18 ZAGBA Community Events:
May 20th, 2017—Biking @ Millennium Park, Newton.
July 15, 2017—ZAGBA Picnic @ Hopkinton State Park.
August 26th, 2017—Shehenshahi New Year Celebration.
September 16, 2017—Dar-e-Mehr Trip.
October 14, 2017—Jashan & Gahambar Dinner
February 10, 2018—Game Night
March 24, 2018—Navroze/Nowruz Celebration
Please pencil in these dates in your calendars.
(Note: these dates are tentative, depending on weather conditions.  All events will be confirmed prior to the date by way of an Evite.)
Warm regards,​

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