Hello everyone!

We hope you’re all doing well and looking forward to the holiday season!  The Board would like to thank ZAGBA’s members and the community for their continued support.

It’s time now to renew your membership for 2023 (January to December). Please find details below regarding membership dues, payment deadlines and payment methods.

ZAGBA Membership rates for the year 2023 are as follows:

$75 for families (couple only or couple with kids under 21 years of age)

$40 for individual member (age 25 and above)

$25 for full time student or working adult above 21 but under 25 years of age

$25 for individual senior (65 and above). For a couple who are both seniors, please pay $50 

Payment method – PayPal

There is no fee charged to you to use this method. The process is much faster and it is also easier for us to keep track of payments.

1.      Go to and login with your PayPal account. 
2.      Choose send or request money and then send money
3.       In the text box enter
4.       Enter the amount
5.       Add a note explaining type of membership, # of people, kids ages etc. if necessary
6.       Click Continue and choose “How you want to pay”. PayPal balance or Bank debit is better for you as you are not charged any fee in that case.
7.       Click next and then, send payment now.

Deadline for Membership – January 15, 2023.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to or if you have any questions or concerns.

We wish you and yours Happy Holidays and a Wonderful and Happy 2023!

Best wishes,

ZAGBA Board, (Zubin, Nazneen, Bina, Nauzar, and Tanaz)