Free Dynamic Energy workouts with Dr. Farah Shroff

Dear ZAGBA FriendsBesides working in public health, I teach exercise classes. You are welcome to attend this series of 15 bootcamp sessions; they’re fre

You are all welcome to join these free high energy workouts with our very own Dr Farah Shroff, who’ll teach some yoga, dance, self defence, laughter, meditation and more. It will be a dynamic work-out oriented bootcamp!


UBC Wellness Community Bootcamp with Dr. Farah Shroff Tickets, Multiple Dates | Eventbritewww.eventbrite.caEventbrite – Farah Shroff, William Yip, Jennifer Xenakis presents UBC Wellness Community Bootcamp with Dr. Farah Shroff – Thursday, 27 May 2021 | Wednesday, 30 June 2021 – Find event and ticket information.

We look forward to “seeing” you!!!

Free Dynamic Energy workouts with Dr. Farah Shroff
Free Dynamic Energy workouts with Dr. Farah Shroff

About this event

We (Farah, Will, and Jennifer) have received funding from UBC to support health and wellness through fitness/personal care sessions and we want to invite all of you to attend! Our teacher will be Dr Farah Shroff, an experienced teacher of yoga, dance, self-defense, meditation and other practices who has taught in over 50 countries. She is the Founder and Lead of Maternal and Infant Health Canada, a global public health collaborative ( Dr Shroff will soon be a Fellow at the Harvard School of Public Health.

Power up your workout with this boot camp! We will have high energy, cardio, strength, balance activities that will get us ready for a healthy summer! Join us for a variety of different kinds of practices in this Go! Go! Go! series of classes; we will have some yoga classes that will be mellower and also some yoga classes that will be encouraging for those who have practiced yoga for some time. Yoga, dance, self-defence will form the basis for many of the classes. Meditation, visualization, laughter, eye care, foot care and other aspects of yoga will be incorporated into some of the sessions.

We aim to have a series of fun, movement-oriented sessions that will gear us all up for optimal mind-body wellbeing.

All participants are asked to work out at their own level, listening to the messages that come from their own bodies and heeding the advice of their medical practitioners. These sessions are pitched for intermediate to advanced levels so beginners, while welcome, are cautioned to only participate safely and within their limits.

Strictly following the public health regulations in the province, the classes will be held virtually on Zoom on the following dates and times with more dates possibly added:

  • Thursday May 27th @ 8am PST
  • Monday May 31st @ 8am PST
  • Wednesday June 2nd @8am PST
  • Friday June 4th @8am PST
  • Monday June 7th @8am PST
  • Wednesday June 9th @8am PST
  • Friday June 11th @8am PST
  • Monday June 14th @8am PST
  • Wednesday June 16th @8am PST
  • Friday June 18th @8am PST
  • Monday June 21st @ 8am PST
  • Wednesday June 23rd @ 8am PST
  • Friday June 25th @ 8am PST
  • Monday June 28th @8am PST
  • Wednesday June 30th @8am PST

Please register and agree to the terms outlined in the waiver of liability through Eventbrite. Only those who have agreed to the waiver will be allowed to take classes. Those who have not agreed to the waiver will not be permitted to participate. Checking the box of this waiver is considered to be equivalent to having signed. Please try your best to arrive on time. Most of the classes will be videorecorded, pinning the instructor on the screen. While there is no intention to video record participants during these sessions, please turn your video off and change your name to a pseudonym if you would like to remain anonymous.

We are very keen to connect with you during this time of isolation. There is no better time to spend healthy time together! Hope you will join us! Let’s get fit together!

See you virtually,

Farah Shroff, William Yip, & Jennifer Xenakis

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