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Thank you for your interest in Flavors of the World catering services !We are based in VA since 3 years and offer customized meals for pickup orders in the DMV area (DC, VA, MD)  and for mailing all across USA. We specialise in Parsi cuisine (sweets, savouries, dishes)  but also cater for some Indian, Chinese, Italian, S.Asian  favourites. The individual food containers are vaccum-sealed/ziploked,  and packed in USPS flat-rate boxes with gelpaks and insulation materials, and mailed by USPS Priority Mail. USPS Delivery times are currently 2-3 days depending on your zip code.  Please confirm your order at the earliest, to give sufficient time to prepare, freeze, package and mail it out.

For party/ corporate orders, we can cater for upto approx 100 guests. I have done corporate catering with Tryhungry.com, for 2 years. 

The prices of the dishes are subject to change,  depending on the availability of ingredients and customer demand at that time.

Payments can be made online  through Venmo to   Tinaz-Cooper  or  by mailing a check (in the name of Tinaz Cooper)  to :
         7427 Little River Turnpike,  Annandale, VA 22003

We are in the process of publishing the website which will have all the info,  pictures etc.In the meantime for your reference, I have attached the latest Menu , Testimonials and this article posted by my client in Parsi Khabar magazine online :       https://parsikhabar.net/food/tinaz-cooper-caters-parsi-food-across-usa/22840

Please feel free to  text/ whatsapp/ email me your queries/orders  anytime and I’ll be happy to help!

Thank you, 
Tinaz Cooper

Flavors of the World