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Cooking for Kids Cookbook Paperback or Kindle edition.
(Distributed for 2019 FEZANA Subscriptions)

Welcome to Parsi Cuisine. It’s always a great idea to involve kids in the kitchen. As a mom and an avid cook for my family, I initiated my daughter and son into baking cookies, cakes, making scrambled eggs (akuri), pancakes, pizza and helping in the kitchen ever since they were just three. Nowadays, with gadgets and IPad as a distraction, getting them to help in the kitchen will make them feel useful and responsible. It also gives us a chance to spend some quality time together. You can start as young as a pre-schooler and even have your teens off the Play Station to whisk an egg!Stimulates the sensesWhile whipping up a dish, a child can smell ingredients, touch and feel the texture, taste the flavors and see the different colors of materials. At an early age, my kids learnt about different kinds of fruits, vegetables, pulses, food items and colors, by simply arranging the ingredients on the kitchen counter.LearningFor children who are five years and above, it’s also a way to learn Math skills with measurements and quantities. Kids of that age are curious and can be taught about healthy eating, nutrition, how food is grown and the basic science behind the food chain. With recipe books, children also learn to read and follow simple instructions. This recipe book is intended for kids to learn and enjoy cooking so they continue for the rest of their adult lives.For children under 12 we recommend an adult watch over and enjoy the team cooking experience.

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