2018-19 ZAGBA Calendar

When you respond with your order for # of Spots/with high resolution photos/captions/calendars required, please send it as a new email and not by way of Reply to this message or any other future follow-up messages as t creates too many chain emails to sort through. If you put in your name in the subject line that will be even more helpful.  (Example: “2018/19 ZAGBA Calendar/Your Family Name”).


Dear ZAGBA Family & Friends,

(PS: this email is lengthy, but please patiently read through it all to be fully informed.  It contains relevant information.)

You will also find attached a PDF HERE, in case you want to print it out and read through it at your convenience

For the last several years, ZAGBA has been creating a unique FUNDRAISING and COMMUNITY-BUILDING CALENDAR with photographs and captions of members of our community and their extended families and friends on specific dates.  By also listing ZAGBA, Zoroastrian, national and international holidays and observances along with Fasli and Shehenshahi dates, these have been calendars for all to use and great for gift-giving.  Additional information about our religion along with meaningful quotes has made this calendar educational as well over the years.  Besides the annual membership fee, the ZAGBA Calendar is our biggest single source of funds.  It helps pay for (or subsidize) almost all ZAGBA activities.  It is the funds that we raise from the calendar initiative that have helped us keep our membership fees the same for many years now, and also keep our event fees low.  So please show your continued support for the calendar by purchasing spots and calendars.

Please support the April 2018-March 2019 Calendar:


(A)  Early Bird Special Cost (Discounted Cost for orders received by January 31st): Please reserve Calendar spots/dates for a $20 cost per Calendar spot.  For this you must send in no later than January 31, 2018 the following information to ZAGBA: (i) our requests for the specific dates/spots, (ii) captions for each spot, (iii) high resolution digital photos and (iv) the number of Calendars you want to purchase. Additionally, for every 4 Calendar spots you buy before the January 31st deadline, you will get the 5th Calendar spot free. If you have to share your spot/date with someone else, the cost will be $15 for that spot.

(B) Cost after January 31, 2018:  If you reserve the Calendar spots/dates after the January 31st deadline stated above, the cost of each spot/date will be $25 per Calendar spot.  If you have to share your spot/date with someone else, the cost will be $15 for that spot.

The Final deadline for ALL submissions is February 22, 2018. Please note that there is no Early Bird Special rate for entries submitted after January 31, 2018.

2) SPREAD THE WORD: Please tell your extended friends and family about this project so that they too can participate if interested.  Please forward this email to them.

3) TOPICS FOR THE SPOTS: Calendar spots in the past have been for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, in memory of loved ones, Navjote dates, special Calendar dates (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day), recognition of places (Atash Behrams), special Zoroastrian dates (Nowruz/Navroze, Pateti). We encourage you to be creative and also use less well-known holidays, events and observances (i.e. from other countries, United Nations Day, Friendship Day, Health-related, Peace-related, History-related dates, etc.).

4) MEANT FOR ALL: Consider reserving spots for every member of your family-your children, yourselves, your parents and grandparents, your pets, siblings, nieces and nephews, cousins and extended family and friends.  It is a nice reminder of every one’s special dates and a unique gift for all that are included in it or know people who are part of it.

5) COST TO PURCHASE THE CALENDAR: Calendars are available for sale at $15 per Calendar, or you can buy 3 Calendars for $40.  You must order your Calendar(s) in advance.  You can pick up your Calendar(s) at the Nowruz/Navroze event on March 24, 2018.

Please send an email to bostonzagba@gmail.com by January 31st, 2018 (if you want the benefit of the discounted cost), containing ALL of the following (Please send your orders by way of a new email and not by way of ‘Reply’ to this message or any other follow up messages)

1) Your requests for specific dates/spots.
2) Captions for each spot.
3) High resolution digital photos for each spot.  If you want to use the same photograph that you submitted last year, please do let us know. We have it and can use it.

4) Number of calendars you would like to purchase (so we can print enough).

Please hold off on sending in any payments to ZAGBA for the Calendar spots and for the number of Calendars you order. We will let you know in a separate email when to send in your payments.

If you want to take advantage of the Early Bird Special pricing, please send in your spot requests/photos/captions/calendar orders as soon as possible, but no later than January 31st.

Please note that if you only send an email by Jan 31st to reserve your spot, but do not send your photos along, that will not be considered at Early Bird Pricing, we need all 1-4 above stated information to complete your entry.

If you cannot submit by the January 31st Early Bird deadline, then please send in your spot requests/photos/captions/calendar orders as soon as possible after this deadline, but no later than February 22, 2018, so that we can have this Calendar ready for our Nowruz/Navroze event in March 2018.

Thank you and look forward to your early responses.

Warm regards,

Annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Meal Packing Service Project

Dear ZAGBA Community,

It’s that time of the year, where ZAGBA joins forces with the Harvard Chaplains and works side by side with religious and non-religious communities to pack thousands of meal boxes for the Interfaith Thanksgiving Meal-Packing Service Project.  Our own ZAGBA member, Daryush Mehta, who is the Zoroastrian Chaplain at Harvard is one of the leads for this Project and is also leading this project for ZAGBA.  30,000 meals will be packed and distributed to local charities through the EndHungerNE Outreach Program.
About 10% of Massachusetts households struggle to provide food for their families. Hence please volunteer/donate for this very noble cause.

Date: Sunday, November 12th, 2017

Time: 12:00pm​ – 5:00pm (see below for ZAGBA’s shifts)

Where: Atrium at 50 Church Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

Please read the instructions below on how to sign up to volunteer and donate online, if you wish to do so. It is very important that you sign​-​up, if you intend to volunteer and please reference that you are representing: “ZAGBA GROUP”.

​Links to donate & sign-up
(1)-Details on the Event & how to donate (Please mention ZAGBA)https://chaplains.harvard.edu/event/annual-thanksgiving-meal-packing-service-project.  If you want to send a check to ZAGBA instead, please mail a check (mention, “The Thanksgiving Project”) to: Kaiomarz Dotivala, 11 Buckboard Dr., Westford, MA 01886. However, we request that you you donate online, since that’s an option.
(2)-How to Sign-up: The following page links you to a Google form for Volunteer sign up: tiny.cc/Harvard-meal-packing​ (Please mention that you represent ZAGBA Group or email ybhumgara@gmail.com to sign up)

volunteers can select any of the below shift to sign up, however, if you want to do this as a Group, ZAGBA would like to book people for the 3rd and 4th Shift.

When you sign up, state how many people are coming (Adults and Kids, please mention your kid’s age) and mention your preferred time slot​.
  • 12:00 noon ​-1​:00 pm
    ​-1st Shift​
  • 1:15 pm ​- 2:15 pm
    ​-2nd Shift​
  • 2:30 pm ​-​ 3:30 pm
    ​-3rd Shift (ZAGBA Preferred Shift)​
  • 3:45 pm ​-​4:45 pm
    ​-4th Shift
    (ZAGBA Preferred Shift)

We can accommodate a maximum of 4​0 
volunteers ​.​
  If you are available to volunteer for ​any shift​/or all shifts, please let us know.
Volunteers should arrive 30 minutes before a shift starts to get trained

When you  Donate or Signup online, please mention that it is for ZAGBA Group
Note: While donation will be much appreciated and gladly accepted, it is an option only.  You don’t have to necessarily donate, in order to sign up to volunteer for th​is​ meal packing.

Each meal costs 25 cents, and 100% of your donation will go toward purchasing food that will be packaged:
$20 = 80 meals
$50 = 200 meals
$100 = 400 meals
$500 = 2,000 meals
$1,000 = 4,000 meals
…and so on!

Please sign up at your earliest ​online as mentioned above, or ​by sending an email to Yasmin at ybhumgara@gmail.com.

Thank you for your time and generosity.

Best wishes,

ZAGBA to Help Provide Thousands of Outreach Program Meals for Puerto Rico

Dear Friends,

As announced last week by email and at the Jashan/Gahambar event, ZAGBA Board has decided to work with the Outreach Program to sponsor packaged meals to the Puerto Rico survivors.

We, the Board are putting together a charity event on November 18, 2017 at the Temple Shalom Emeth, 16 Lexington St Burlington, MA 01803, from Noon to 4:30 pm (approx)., where the ZAGBA volunteers will be packing 10,000 meals.

A Big Thank You to all the generous donors who have already given/sent their donation checks.

ZAGBA Board is requesting you all to please help with donations and/or volunteer your physical help on Saturday-November 18th.

The Outreach Program will be providing help with all the supplies in exchange of  the collected donation amount.

ZAGBA has decided to raise $2500.00, which will sponsor 10,000 meals.

Date & Time: Saturday, November 18, 2017 from 12pm to 5pm. (Please note that this is the new date)

Venue: Temple Shalom Emeth, 16 Lexington St., Burlington, MA 01803.

Donation: ZAGBA Board requests that you please send your donation check payable to “ZAGBA” (and write Puerto Rico in Memo section.)  Please mail your check to:

Address to mail your donation:

Kaiomarz Dotivala, 11 Buckboard Dr, Westford, MA 01886.

Volunteers Needed:  In order to accomplish our meal packing goal, we will need about 36 Volunteers (Adults and accompanied Kids, who are atleast 10 +  in age).  Please sign up with Yasmin Bhumgara if you intend to help us at this event as a Volunteer. She will inform you which shifts are available and if you have time constraints we will do our best to allot you a shift of your choice.  The below timings are on or about, and a week before we will confirm to all volunteers the exact timing of their shift:

The Shifts are:

1st SHIFT:  12:00pm to 1:30pm

2nd SHIFT:  1:45pm to 3:15pm

3rd SHIFT:   3:30pm to 5:00pm

Depending on need, we may have a 4th shift with volunteers who are still around to help.

ZAGBA will provide water and Pizza.

All Volunteers: It is very important that you show up 30 minutes before your scheduled shift, if you have signed up to volunteer.  You need to be on time, as all the shifts have to work like clockwork in order to pack thousands of meals and finish the event by 5pm.

Any questions or if you want to volunteer, please reach out directly to Yasmin Bhumgara at: ybhumgara@gmail.com or text/call :781-858-1168.

Thank you all so much.

Best wishes,


Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Fund

Dear Friends,

FEZANA Welfare & Critical Assistance Committee is requesting donations for helping the people affected by Hurricane Harvey. Please read the below email from FEZANA. You may donate online by clicking on the button below.

Thank you!

Best wishes,
Firoza, Anahita, Kaio, Aban & Yasmin
(ZAGBA Board)
Dear Zarathushtis,

Further to FEZANA Executive’s email announcement on the tragedy caused by Hurricane Harvey, we have heard that some Zarathushtis have been flooded out of their homes and many have been mandatorily evacuated from their homes.

Funds are to be needed to help purchase supplies and provide resources for victims of this life-threatening flood emergency which is widespread, bringing to halt many large to mid-sized cities along the Gulf Coast.

There have been inquiries whether FEZANA Welfare committee has been collecting funds for the people affected by this natural disaster.

FEZANA Welfare & Critical Assistance Committee is now requesting for your donations for helping the people affected by this calamity. You can donate online by clicking on the button below

or send in your checks to FEZANA Welfare and Critical Assistance Committee’s attention by mailing it to

Shirin Jahanian
FEZANA Treasurer
P.O. Box 185 65 Kirkwood Road
Gibbsboro, NJ 08026-0185

Note:The funds collected will be used to help the people affected by this disaster but the final disposal of the funds collected will be at the discretion of FEZANA Welfare & Critical Assistance committee.

We thank you in advance of your anticipated generosity. For further information please feel free to contact, Hosi Mehta hosimehta@aol.com or Houtoxi Contractor huty.contractor@gmail.com