Calendar 2021

Dear ZAGBA Family and Friends,

We are pleased to announce that we are planning to have the ZAGBA calendar this year that will be from April 2021 to March 2022.

The ZAGBA calendar has photographs and captions of our community and their extended families and friends on specific dates.  The calendar includes national and international holidays and observances along with Fasli and Shehenshahi dates, including information about our religion along with meaningful quotes.   This has made the calendar educational as well over the years.   The calendar is an important single source of funds for ZAGBA. The funds we raise from this has helped us keep our membership fees the same for many years and keep event fees low.   

For those that submitted photos for the calendar in 2020, we will contact you individually on e-mail to see if you would like to use the same photos that you submitted in 2020 with the same or different captions, or submit new photos for this year’s calendar.    


 To submit photos send the information to

·          In the subject line, enter calendar submission 2021 and your name. 

·         Your requests for the specific dates/spots,

·         Captions for each spot if you wish

·         High resolution digital photos for each spot.   Please note the quality of the photos will be poor if the photos are not at least 6-8MB in size.  If the 

        image/photo is re-submission of a prior photo, please resubmit.

·         The number of calendars you would like to purchase.

2) SPREAD THE WORD: Please tell your extended friends and family about this project so that they too can participate if interested.  Please forward this email to them.

3) TOPICS FOR THE SPOTS: Calendar spots in the past have been for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, in memory of loved ones, Navjote dates, special Calendar dates (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day), recognition of places (Atash Behrams), special Zoroastrian dates (Nowruz/Navroze, Pateti). We encourage you to be creative and also use less well-known holidays, events and observances (i.e. from other countries, United Nations Day, Friendship Day, Health-related, Peace-related, History-related dates, etc.).

4) MEANT FOR ALL: Consider reserving spots for every member of your family-your children, yourselves, your parents and grandparents, your pets, siblings, nieces and nephews, cousins and extended family and friends.  It is a nice reminder of every one’s special dates and a unique gift for all that are included in it or know people who are part of it. 


For the calendar SPOT(S) you purchase for the calendar

·         Per Calendar spots/dates the costs will be $20

·         For every 4 Calendar spots you buy before  you will get the 5th Calendar spot free.

·         If you have to share your spot/date with someone else, the cost will be $15 for that spot.


Calendars are available for sale at $15 per Calendar, or you can buy 3 Calendars for $40. You must order your Calendar(s) by January 24, 2021.  The calendar(s) that have been ordered will be distributed at the Navroz event 2021.

Please hold off on sending in any payments to ZAGBA for the Calendar spots and for the number of Calendars you order. We will let you know in a separate email when to send in your payments.

Thank you and look forward to your submission and support for the 2021-2022 calendar.

Warm regards,