Badam ni Bois Fundraiser for ZAKOI Worship Center Fund

Dear Friends,
I have been doing this fundraiser for years at this time of the year to raise funds for our community’s dream project – our  future ZAKOI Worship Center.  The Badam ni Bois are made for us by no other than our very own Roshan Rivetna (one of our most prominent Zoroastrians in NA, and a wonderful person) who has continuously inspired us to pursue this dream.  This fundraiser would not be possible without Roshan’s help, for which my community and myself are deeply grateful.
Our Zoroastrian Association of KY, OH, & IN (ZAKOI) consists of approximately a population of about 150 Zoroastrians in the tri-state region of KY-OH-IN, but we are a close knit and very active group that tries its best to meet the religious and cultural needs of all our people, youngest to the oldest, though celebrations, jasans, muktad prayers, religion classes & camps, and lots of social gatherings.
I choose to do this fundraiser at this time of the year – around the auspicious occasion of Norooz (Navroze) coming up in March, because the ‘Fish’ is a symbol of Happiness, Prosperity & Abundance in the Zoroastrian culture, and is often used to give as a gift among friends and family on many good occasions.  Please see the attached note on the badam ni Boi for its symbolism, ingredients, storage instructions etc.
The Badam ni Boi (a sweet pastry made with crushed almonds and flavorings), is a great addition to your Norooz Table and a yummy treat for your family and friends.  You can order it for yourself or for sending it to your friends around the country.  We will pack and ship it to your friends/family with a personalized note from you.  All the profits raised from the sale of these Bois will go to our ZAKOI Center Fund.  This fund has been established and is continuously being raised to enable our community to have our own Worship Center someday.  We have raised over $80,000 in the last eight years through our fundraising efforts, and this Badam ni Boi fundraiser contributes greatly to our Center Fund every year.  We are deeply grateful to all our fellow Zoroastrians who support this cause year after year by buying our Bois.  Thank you most sincerely!
People from the Greater Boston area, please contact Yasmin Bhumgara ( if you wish to order.

The Bois are $32 for a Pair, or $18 for 1 Boi
The S & H rates for the Bois through USPS will be
$8 for 1 Boi (Small Flat Rate Box)
$15 for 2 – 8 Bois (Medium Flat Rate Box),
$18 for 9 – 20 Bois (Large Flat Rate Box)
Please place your orders by mid February, if you would like to purchase the Badam ni Bois and help our community with this great cause.  If you are not interested in buying the Bois but still want to help with our fundraiser, we will gratefully accept your tax-deductible donation check made to the ZAKOI Center Fund, and mailed to Bakhtavar Desai, 6383 Jamesfield Ct., Fairfield, OH 45014.  A receipt with our Tax ID number will be mailed to you upon receipt of our donation.
Looking forward to receiving your orders and your help with spreading the word about our ZAKOI Worship Center fundraising, and thanking you in anticipation!
With Best Wishes on behalf of our ZAKOI Community,
Bakhtavar Desai
Zoroastrian Association of KY, OH, & IN (ZAKOI)
513-560-0581 (cell)