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A message from Nasreen Bhumgara
Dear Zagba Community,
The Humanist Hub at Harvard is once again having the Inter-Faith & family friendly meal packing service event.
This is not a ZAGBA sponsored event. Our family is going and if you are interested please sign up through the Google Form (link below).  Since we are already registered and for all of us to be recognized as one group, please write in "Bhumgara Family" in the box that says: Affiliated Organization.
Below is all the information you need.  After you sign up, please send me an email at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it as I have volunteered to the Humanist Hub to spread the word and to collect the number of adults and kids volunteering.
Aug 30: Interfaith & Family-Friendly Meal Packing

We'll pack 4,000 meals for the food insecure in the Boston area. 1:30-3:00pm30 JFK Street. Read more here and sign up for your shift here (required).

sign up for a shift using the online Google Form. If you'd rather sign people up in bulk, just write how many people are planning on coming in the Affiliated Organization box. Right now we still have a good amount of space so that shouldn't be an issue. Here's a link to the sign up form:

Here's a link to the Facebook event with more details:
If you can't join us this August 30, there will be another opportunity where ZAGBA will actually be sponsoring a meal packing event very soon this Fall.
Thank you,
Nasreen Bhumgara


Please save the following important dates for all of the upcoming main ZAGBA events held every year PDF Print E-mail
Upcoming Events - Upcoming Events


Please save the following important dates for all of the upcoming main ZAGBA events held every year.  You can also find these dates on the ZAGBA website.

Closer to the date of each event, an Evite with further details will be sent out, but for now please pencil these dates & locations in your calendars.


October 17, 2015-Saturday: at 4:15 PM—Jashan Ghambar (prayer ceremony) @ the Temple Shalom, Burlington.

November 14, 2015-Saturday: at 6:00 pm—Bowling event @ TBD

December/January: TBD

March 26, 2016 (Saturday): at 6:00 pm—Navroze Function @ the Church of Damascus.

(PS: The dates and times are subject to change depending on venue availability and/or weather conditions.)

Membership Dues : Also, this is a friendly reminder for all those who have missed paying their membership dues for 2015-16, to please send in your check payable to ZAGBA to treasurer: Kaiomarz Dotivala, 11 Buckboard Drive, Westford, MA-01886.

We look forward to having a fun filled year & celebrating the above events with all of you.

Thank you.

Best wishes,

Firoza, Kaynaz, Kaio, Aban & Yasmin

(ZAGBA Board)


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